You Can Play This Game Without Unlocking Your iPhone

Ever wish you can play a game on your phone but you’re too lazy to type in your password or even have your home button access your fingerprint.

Well there is finally a solution for you.   Who would ever think that there would ever even be a demand for such a game?  Well apparently there is, and a big one at that.  At the time of this writing this,  such a game has become more popular in the “free” category than Skype, Google Chrome or Yelp.

Its key virtue: You can play it without unlocking your phone.

How is it possible?   It is, and the game is hella addicting too.  Check it out yourself:   Steve – The Jumping Dinosaur Widget Game.

After you install the app, it walks you through how to add Steve to your iPhone or iPad’s Notification Center, the menu of mini-apps that appears when you swipe from the top of the phone down. What that means in practical terms is that you can go from looking at a locked phone to playing the game in about two seconds.

I guess it’s perfect for children who don’t have their parents iPhone password. Finally they can be able to play games on their parents phones without  unlocking it.