What are Friv Games?

Friv is the name for flash games that you can play directly on your computer browser. There is no sign ups, downloads or any specific requirements to play them (besides flash player) so it’s an easy way to jump into a game online if you are bored.

Most mobile devices including iPhones have done away with flash support on their browsers so playing them on a phone, whether android or Apple is not as do-able anymore. That doesn’t stop millions of people around the world from playing on their desktop PC right from Internet Explorer, Edge, Chrome or Firefox.

Friv website actually has a huge collection of different games. The graphics and story lines are really basic but the colors, actions and sounds make them addicting nevertheless.

Websites where you can find Free Friv Games:

There are literally thousands of games, so eventually you’ll find one that you either really like or that you just cant put down because of it’s addictive nature. There is a variety of genres as well, ranging from Action, Shoot Em Up, Sports, Puzzles, and kid themed games. I must admit, Friv airplane games are my favorite.

Ok, enough already. Time to find out for yourself!